Data-Driven Marketing

How the best B2B marketers use data to grow faster.

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Stop guessing. Learn how marketers from the best SaaS companies are leveraging data to grow.

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Gilles Bertaux

The companies that master the use of data in their marketing efforts are the ones that win.

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Hiten Shah
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What's Inside

12 chapters, released bi-weekly

Chapter 1

Customer Retention

A breakdown of top-performing SaaS retention emails at CloudApp, AdRoll, and CoSchedule

Janet Choi Senior Manager of Product Marketing,
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Chapter 2

Website Personalization

Why personalization matters for B2B. How Optimizely, Citrix, and BMI Research approach personalization

Cara Harshman B2B Storyteller and Content Marketer
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Chapter 3

B2B SEO: Content That Ranks

A step-by-step playbook for building B2B content that ranks on organic search

Bernard Huang Co-founder of Clearscope and Mushi Labs
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Chapter 4

Data-Driven PR: The Story You Never Knew You Had

How smart startups use data to get media attention

Brian Dema Marketing Strategy at Silicon Valley Bank
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Chapter 5

Customer Onboarding

How the best B2B companies use data to optimize onboarding and increase conversion

Ty Magnin Director of Marketing at Appcues
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Chapter 6

ABM Fundamentals

The process and data that are the building blocks of great ABM campaigns

Charlie Liang Director of Marketing at Engagio
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Chapter 7

B2B SEO: A/B Testing for Search

How to grow organic traffic and optimize your SEO with A/B testing

Emily Friedlander Marketing and SEO Accounts at Rankscience
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Chapter 8

Drip Email Sequences

Level up your email personalization with first and third party data

Anna Jacobsen Education Director at Drip
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Chapter 9

Competitive Marketing

How to build and run automated competitive marketing campaigns and win back lost customers

Brianne Kimmel Growth Marketing at Zendesk
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Chapter 10

Modern Marketing Analytics

The marketing attribution models and analytics stacks at today's best B2B SaaS companies

Emily Ritter Director of Marketing at Mode Analytics
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Chapter 11

Facebook Ads for B2B

How B2B compaines like Gusto leverage social advertising to drive hypergrowth

Soso Sazesh CEO and Founder of Growth Pilots
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Chapter 12

Marketing Benchmarks

A benchmark survey of over 100 of the top B2B SaaS companies

Tomasz Tunguz Venture capitalist @ Redpoint Ventures
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