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How Outreach starts sales conversations early in the buyer’s journey

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Outreach builds sales engagement software that helps sales teams drive more pipeline and close more deals.


Sales Enablement


Engage in more sales conversations earlier in the decision process.


Traffic from Clearbit-filtered audiences is 2X as likely to generate qualified leads over generic retargeting.

The demand gen team at sales platform Outreach has mastered the ability to market to prospects long before they signup or fill out a form.

Their goal is to source meetings for the sales team — and the higher in the funnel, the better.

After all, most of a purchase decision happens long before a customer talks to sales.

We sat down with Dan Ahmadi, Director of Demand Gen, to learn how Outreach tunes into early purchase intent for the most promising prospects. They use Clearbit to identify and qualify anonymous website traffic, then use data about the company to power personalized chat, blog performance analysis, efficient remarketing, and instant alerts for AEs when a high-value anonymous prospect is on the site.

We learned that we can boost our marketing and sales efficiency when we used Clearbit to remarket into the right account profiles.

Dan Ahmadi - Director of Demand Generation, Outreach

Using Reveal and Google Analytics to see what blog content works

Outreach wanted to know if their blog content attracts readers who fit their ideal customer profile. They use Clearbit Reveal to augment Google Analytics with more granular information on the types of companies that read their posts.

One of Outreach’s key sales attributes is employee size, and companies with 50-1000 employees are in the sweet spot. First, they can look at all web traffic segmented by Clearbit employee range:

  • 1-10 employees
  • 11-50 employees
  • 51-250 employees
  • 251-1000 employees
  • 1000+ employees

Outreach segments their site traffic in Google Analytics using Clearbit Employees Range.

Then, they zoom in on specific blog posts and do a comparative analysis to find those that do a better job of attracting target readers. For example, this piece on cold calling best practices mostly attracted readers in the 51-250 employee range — exactly the group they’re going after.

Google Analytics shows who's reading an Outreach blog post on cold calling — segmented by employee size and filtered to show organic traffic only. The largest group consuming this specific post has 51-250 employees.

“We can break down any blog post by Clearbit company size and ask, ‘Is this bringing in the right kind of people?’” says Dan. “If we see a lot of readers from tiny companies, then maybe that wasn’t a good topic. When we see phrases that do well, we can double down and generate more assets with similar topics.”

This method lets Dan’s team understand their reader base beyond those who have subscribed to the blog. In this way, they can detect a reader’s interest long before they’re in the Outreach content funnel.

Remarketing to companies with the right number of employees

Outreach also uses Clearbit-augmented traffic data to guide remarketing on Google Ads. Rather than remarketing to every site visitor, they can automatically exclude unqualified audiences.

Here’s an Outreach remarketing campaign for people who’ve visited certain landing pages on The campaign only targets visitors whose companies fall in the 251-1000 employee range, as well as 1000+.

The campaign also excludes visitors who’ve requested a demo or pricing information, since they’re already in the sales pipeline.

This Google Ads remarketing campaign targets landing page visitors with certain Clearbit Employee Ranges.

For cost efficiency, none of Outreach’s remarketing campaigns target visitors with 10 or fewer employees, and they exclude visitors without Clearbit employee data. “We make sure that we’re investing our budget in the segments that are of the highest value to us,” says Dan. “The higher your employee range, the higher bid multiplier we set in our ad platforms.”

A test revealed that advertising campaigns guided by Clearbit data in Google Analytics outperformed others by 100%. “We learned that it’s more efficient to use Clearbit and remarket to just the right profiles,” says Dan. “Of course it’s a smaller audience, but it’s richer for us.”

Personalizing onsite chat conversations

When a potential customer checks out the Outreach website, they see a chat window with a welcome message personalized with the name of their company. This warm greeting can engage a website visitor quickly and let them skip the lead form.

Outreach greets website visitors with a friendly personalized chat.

This pop-up uses the Clearbit company name and gets a 3% response rate. “People often just say, ‘Sure, I’d be open to a demo. How did you know I was from that company?’” says Dan. “We think that mentioning the company name is what is helping us get at least one additional meeting per day.”

This light engagement lets sales start a conversation earlier than if they’d waited for a prospect to request one.

Alerting sales when high-value prospects visit the website

But sometimes you want to reach out more directly than with a chat window. Clearbit Reveal identifies high-value prospects that visit the website, and the AE and SDR responsible receive an alert within one second so they can connect out if needed.

This works for visitors that are already on Outreach’s lead list, as well as brand-new prospects.

If the visitor has an account in Salesforce and meets the ideal target profile, the system will notify the assigned SDR and AE on Slack. Here's an example of an alert:

This Slack alert tells an AE that their target account is on the site. It also shows which SDR has been notified so they can coordinate outreach.

And if a website visitor doesn’t have an account in Salesforce? “We send that account to our data specialist team with the information Clearbit provides,” says Dan. Outreach’s lead list grows overnight just by harnessing web traffic that’s no longer anonymous.

At Outreach, we’re helping sales teams achieve revenue efficiency. We bring that same ethos to our demand generation efforts, supporting our reps with all the intelligence and support Clearbit provides us.

Dan Ahmadi - Director of Demand Generation, Outreach

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