Protect your website from spam and abuse

Secure your registration process using our proprietary dataset of people, companies and IP addresses. Receive a risk score for every signup to prevent bad actors and account abuse.

Strength in numbers

By applying machine learning to hundreds of data sources and key indicators like signup velocity and device fingerprints, we'll generate an accurate risk score that you can act on.

A flexible solution

Build the perfect solution for your business! We give you all the ingredients to easily integrate customized abuse prevention into your existing signup flow.

Enforce higher quality signups

Completely block or require additional information from low quality signups by identifying disposable email addresses, free email providers, proxy servers and VPNs. You can even require that all signups use professional email addresses to ensure your leads are high quality.

Save time and protect your assets

Don’t let spammers waste valuable resources by taking advantage of free trials, and stop manually combing through your signup lists for signs of fraud. Automatically block bad actors based on advanced heuristics like email age, social media activity, and behavior before they gain access.

Increase conversion

Shorten your forms and increase conversion by removing CAPTCHAs for authentic signups. Allow your sales team to focus on selling instead of wasting time sifting through spam accounts.

Risk API

Detect bad actors, identify disposable email addresses, stop spam signups


Monthly API requests

Proxy detection

Detect IP addresses using proxy servers

Disposable email detection

Detect fake and disposable emails

Advanced heuristics

Score signups based on email age, social media activity, and behavior


Starts at


Starts at

Requests Up to 50k / month
Disposable email
Advanced heurisitics

Starts at


More than 50k / month

”With Clearbit, the integration took a few hours to complete, and the on-boarding process was instant - a lot simpler that the past provider.“

Ali Nizameddine - Payza

It's a little bit of magic for our users, and Clearbit's APIs are essential to that experience.

Michael Boeke
Head of Product, Synap

Clearbit data has been immensely helpful in identifying which leads within Salesforce we want to focus on. In addition, the support from the team at Clearbit has been incredible!

Taylor Oliver
Director of Sales, Flexport

Clearbit saves me a ton of time in lead research, and having full lead profiles automatically available is amazing. I recommend Clearbit daily.

Kevin Ramani
Head of Sales,

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