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Baremetrics uses Clearbit to provide premium insights to their customers

Clearbit product used
Enrichment API
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Baremetrics provides zero-setup, one-click, SaaS analytics for companies using the Stripe payment platform.

The Challenge

As part of a new feature for premium members, Baremetrics founder, Josh Pigford, needed a way to provide his users with additional context around their customer base. In combination with the extremely valuable analytics on metrics like churn and lifetime-value, the addition of person and company level data would allow his customers to pinpoint the similarities between high-value customers.

Unfortunately, as the data passed to Baremetrics from Stripe is limited to billing information, Josh needed a way to surface deep insights from only an email address.

The Solution

Josh initially tried other data providers, but found that the data was often either incomplete, or inaccurate. He eventually turned to Clearbit's Enrichment API to take a customer's email address from Stripe and provide everything from avatars, location and social profiles to the total funding and size of their company.

The Result

The solution Josh's team cooked up is now displayed on every Baremetrics customer page as a premium feature. This means his customers need fewer tools, spend more time on Baremetrics, and have one more reason to upgrade to a premium account.

Baremetrics offers a media monitoring app for brands to obtain filtered and organized information from the web and social networks.

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Use Case
Built customer insights into platform using Clearbit
Provided Baremetrics premium users with a 360 view of their customers
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Design and user interaction play a foundational role at Baremetrics, and Clearbit plays into that. Our customer profile feature humanizes transactions, and provides a personal side to the analytics. Ultimately, our profile feature couldn't exist without Clearbit.

Josh PigfordFounder

See why the world’s best companies use Clearbit to become truly data-driven.

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Clearbit helps us shorten forms, customize live chat, and enrich data for our sales team. It's quickly becoming the gold standard in the data intelligence space.
Jason Yang
SVP Business Operations, Dialpad
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